I was introduced to Al-Nawaz by a friend I met in a stock trading class. Both of us were overwhelmed at all the different instruments, markets and methods for trading introduced to us in that class. Al’s classes make trading manageable with a very structured and disciplined step-by-step approach. The structure of Al’s classes lays the foundation for trading any instrument. Al respects excellence and as such requires a high level of commitment from his students. He taught me to respect the market and showed me possibilities for earning an interesting amount of money as a result of focused and consistent application of his proven trading method. I recommend Al for anyone wanting to learn a proven, low-risk and disciplined approach to trading.

– Rosemary B.

I am very pleased to write this letter of reference for Al-Nawaz. He has been teaching me futures trading for the past six months. I have been interested in learning how to trade for a living for quite some time and have tried other courses and seminars but none of them have brought me this close to my goal as a trader.
Al has a wonderful rapport with people. His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. He is very patient, takes the time to make sure students fully understand and grasp the information. He always makes sure to answer all the student’s questions.
I highly recommend Al as a teacher and mentor for his knowledge, patience and adaptive ability. He would be an asset to anyone who wants to learn trading.

– Sincerely,
Anahita Athari

I’m pleased to write this reference letter for Mr. Al-Nawaz. I was intrigued upon joining his course as I had heard a lot about him, but now since I have personally experienced his professionalism and his methods of teaching I would highly recommend Al-Nawaz to my friends without any hesitation. He has vast knowledge of his field, and his dedication makes him a great mentor. His problem solving efficiencies are incredible; he is always ready to answer any question. His training strategies, planning tools, and analytical thinking are intensely intellectual. I am profoundly glad that I had the opportunity to have Al-Nawaz as my teacher. He is a great inspiration to me.

– Thanks a lot Al-Nawaz.
Amandeep S.